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Shaping the Future of Aircraft Parking and Aeronautical Operations

ASAP Safeguard designs and manufactures advanced protection for aircraft in parking situations.


Our products are entirely designed for pilots and aircraft structure designers to facilitate aircraft operation and maintenance.

The use of our protections allows:

  • A strong economic interest induced by the use of the product.
  • A comfort for pilots.
  • A comfort for the aircraft managers.
  • New services available at the airport.
  • A new possibility to personalize your aircraft.

Our first product is called « Guardian »: it is a connected protective cover for private jets.

« There are 17,000 jets in circulation, which is far more than the number of hangar spaces. However, we don’t always choose the conditions in which the plane is immobilized. This leads to risks of damage, exposure to UV rays, accelerated ageing… »

It is currently being manufactured in the Lyon region.

The cover is capable of absorbing shocks and alerting flight crews to what is happening on the aircraft in real time. It is coupled with an air treatment system, generating a protection of the direct environment of the aircraft. The textile is also innovative and equipped with new technological components… but secret for the moment.

The ASAP SAFEGUARD solution allows for the protection of parked aircraft

Short-term parking, long-term parking: covering and connecting has never been so simple and quick



Operable by any type of operator



Deployable anywhere in the world



Folded or Unfolded in three minutes



Real-time monitoring and alerts

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